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These rules are expected to be followed when on any ArcadeHub platform, failure to do so will result in punishment.

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Server/Discord Rules:
  • No Hacking/Cheating of any Kind
    • Using a hacked client, closet cheating, etc. 
  • No Spamming/Flooding Chat:
    • Three or more duplicate messages within 10 seconds or the same chat window
  • No Inappropriate Content/Links: 
    • Discussing Inappropriate topics or sending links in chat that lead to inappropriate content.
  • No Disrespecting Other Players:
    • Be kind to all players and staff.
  • No Abusing/Exploiting Glitches or bugs: 
    • If you find a bug, please report it.
  • No Inappropriate Skins/Usernames:
    • No skins or usernames that show/read inappropriate content. 
  • No Threatening Other Players:
    • No death threats, DDoS/Dox threats, etc.
  • No Encouraging Suicide/Death Wishes:
    • Do not encourage suicide with or wish death upon a player.
  • No Racism/Offensive Messages: 
    • Do not send any racially discriminatory or offensive messages.
  • No Inappropriate Messages: 
    • Do not send messages that include or promote inappropriate content. 
  • No Bypassing the Chat Filter:
    • Do not try to bypass the chat filter with symbols in place of letters. 
  • No Advertising:
    • Do not advertise Minecraft servers, Discord servers, Youtube channels, etc. 
  • No Abusing The /report Feature:
    • Do not falsely /report someone to waste staff’s time or you will be banned from using that feature.
Forum Rules:
  • No Spamming Threads
    • Do not spam the forums with unnecessary threads. 
  • No Harsh or Offensive Language
    • Do not post any harsh or offensive messages
  • Respect Other Users
    • Be respectful towards other users and staff
  • No Necroposting 
    • Do not post on old/inactive threads
  • No Submitting Joking Appeals or Applications
    • Do not create joking submissions to waste staff's time.